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[pct-l] MSR

I own two MSRs now and have had one other. Generally I like them, but =
they have been less than reliable.

The second night of a month long trek in Nepal and the o-ring gives out =
on a pretty new XGK. And wouldn't you know it, they didn't have o-rings =
in Ghote Bazaar. Did I lube the o-rings before insertion? Religiously.=20

Lesson 1; Carry spare o-rings, even with a brand new stove.

The pumps. While I have never had a pump become non-usable, they =
certainly do fall apart easily. I can fix that though.

But simmer on an MSR? I guess I live in the wrong universe. I'm on my =
third MSR and I still can't do that trick. But I've only had 17 years of =
practice. I have hiked with countless friends who couldn't make their =
MSRs simmer either, so it ain't just me.

Having said all that, I still like my 10 year old Whisperlite. The =
problems have been manageable. It's been dependable enough, and easy =
enough to use.

For the thruhike this year I have Esbits and a can stove. Flip the can =
upside down for Esbit, right side up for alcohol; a multi-fuel stove.

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