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[pct-l] Mohave vs. Tehachapi

<< You're making the right decision. We resupplied at Tehachapi with
 difficulty, long walks, a great trail angel listed at the PO and a good
 hitch. After all of that we said that next time we would use Mojave.
I chose Tehachapi (in '97) because I liked the town and knew of a FINE 
Mexican restaurant that I wanted to revisit.  We knew where the post office 
was and chose a nearby motel.  No problem.  

<< Tehachapi was more appealing when we looked at both towns before hiking but
 appeal changes in the eyes of a distance hiker.
The people at White's Motel in Mojave are real Trail Angels.  They work hard 
for us and deserve our support.  The next time I stop in that area for any 
reason (hiking or driving), I will stay there and thank them.  Bottom line 
for me is,  either Mojave or Tehachapi is a great place to rest up before the 
climb up to that wonderful view of the Mojave Desert from the north side 
(Look at what I've just did!) and the view in the distance of your whole 
westward trek from San Jacinto to almost LA!  
<< Another reportedly good town stop that we bypassed Etna in N CA. Everybody
 that used it in addition to Seiad Valley was well fed and happy.

Class of '02, be aware that Etna is a long way off the trail and might be a 
hard hitch unless you've made prior arrangements.  It's also one of the 
longest hikes on the PCT from Dunsmuir to Seiad Valley.  HYOH.  You make the 
choice.  I chose to skip Etna in '99.