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[pct-l] Snowpeak

there is althoug a new model I havend tested now=20
It's a snow peak perhaps a bit expensive around 200$
but they say that you do not have to preaheat it!
Should we belive that, I dont know.

Anyone out there who has tested it???

I have a Snowpeak that I've used the last two years along the entire =
PCT.  It has performed very well: relaiable, lightweight, easy to use, =
simmers all night.  I normeally cook one meal a day.  At that rate a =
small 110 gm cannister lasts 7 to 10 days.  No problems in cold weather, =
but I haven't used it at much less than 30F.  The fuel cannisters can be =
mailed so there's no problem with finding fuel in trail towns.  The =
manufacturer recommends Snowpeak fuel, but Coleman propane-butane =
cannisters have the same mix for about half the price.

BTW, I don't know where you got the price figure, but the basic stove is =
about $50 at REI =
menbr=3D8000&cgrfnbr=3D4500453 .  I also recommend an aluminun wind/heat =

happy trails, Tom

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