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[pct-l] Lucky Stove user of MSR

What the heck?  Whipserlights DO NOT simmer unless YOU control the
height of your pot above the flame.  I have a Whisperlight
Internationale that I bought in 96, and it's a jet engine at all times.
On Thu, Feb 14, 2002 at 08:45:58AM -0600, jmusielewicz@earthlink.net tried to make me believe:
> On 13 Feb 2002 at 23:13, Montedodge@aol.com wrote:
> >  I.m glad you have been happy with your MSR stove. A survey of what gear 
> > folks used on the AT ten years ago was given on what people used and what 
> > they would do different. The whiperlight was the most popular stove by 78%. 
> > But 50 % of those who used it said they would use something else on a rehike. 
> > My first pump half melted after a failed 0-ring. All 0-rings will fail at 
> > some point. 
> I never had a failed o-ring. You probably ripped one plugging your fuel line in. Easily 
> preventable by lubricating as per instructions. Did you follow the instructions?
> > With a metal pump, a failure won't be a problem. 
> Unless you scratch the surfaces. Or bend or warp a surface. The nice thing about 
> plastic is it doesn 't bend or warp as long as you keep it away from heat. Metal 
> fatigues and develops cracks and breaks. Or you step on it and it warps. Or you 
> drop it and it bends.
> Second pump 
> > plastic threads crossthreaded and stripped. Metal threads are better.
> This is so obviously preventable its not even worth mentioning. Can you say 
> "operator error"? FYI metal threads strip.
> > Simmering?? Early MSR's don't simmer unless you like to hold your pot like " 
> > Jiffy Pop" and raise and lower your pot as needed. 
> How early are you talking about? I bought my whisperlight in 86 and it simmered 
> very well. My new Dragonfly simmers like a dream
> The new DragonFly does a 
> > fair job with it's new valve. ( Older XGK and Whisperlights are On or Off 
> > affairs) 
> XGKs were not made for simmering, Whisperlights were. I'm beginning to wonder if 
> you've accually used one or are you just going on hearsay.
> >The Connection on the MSRs is weaker than that on the Primus or New 
> > Optimus Nova.  ( The simple push in design is not up to par with the brass 
> > screw in fitting of a Primus)  
> The simple push in design is very reliable. A person simply has to remember to lube 
> the fuel line and not tear the o-ring.
> Heat out put is roughly the same as is priming 
> > with no clear advantage with either stove. The main reason to buy a Primus 
> > multi-fuel or Optimus Nova is it is " More reliable and durable". 
> I have no doubt Primus and Optimus are good stoves so is just about any other. 
> You haven't mentioned how they simmer, though. If a person is competent enough, 
> reads the instructions, works with the stoves limitations and doesn't expect much  
> I'm sure just about any stgove will prove to be reliable. But if a person is going to do 
> more than boil water MSR stoves are the way to go. You can even bake on them. 
> Soups, stews no problem. Whole grain rice. Forget that instant junk. Anything that 
> requires a low heat. Sauces...
> ( Weak 
> > plastic pumper are prone to fail.   It's like someone driving a Pinto car 
> Baloney. 
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