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[pct-l] Lucky Stove user of MSR

On 13 Feb 2002 at 23:13, Montedodge@aol.com wrote:

>  I.m glad you have been happy with your MSR stove. A survey of what gear 
> folks used on the AT ten years ago was given on what people used and what 
> they would do different. The whiperlight was the most popular stove by 78%. 
> But 50 % of those who used it said they would use something else on a rehike. 
> My first pump half melted after a failed 0-ring. All 0-rings will fail at 
> some point. 

I never had a failed o-ring. You probably ripped one plugging your fuel line in. Easily 
preventable by lubricating as per instructions. Did you follow the instructions?

> With a metal pump, a failure won't be a problem. 

Unless you scratch the surfaces. Or bend or warp a surface. The nice thing about 
plastic is it doesn 't bend or warp as long as you keep it away from heat. Metal 
fatigues and develops cracks and breaks. Or you step on it and it warps. Or you 
drop it and it bends.

Second pump 
> plastic threads crossthreaded and stripped. Metal threads are better.

This is so obviously preventable its not even worth mentioning. Can you say 
"operator error"? FYI metal threads strip.
> Simmering?? Early MSR's don't simmer unless you like to hold your pot like " 
> Jiffy Pop" and raise and lower your pot as needed. 

How early are you talking about? I bought my whisperlight in 86 and it simmered 
very well. My new Dragonfly simmers like a dream

The new DragonFly does a 
> fair job with it's new valve. ( Older XGK and Whisperlights are On or Off 
> affairs) 

XGKs were not made for simmering, Whisperlights were. I'm beginning to wonder if 
you've accually used one or are you just going on hearsay.

>The Connection on the MSRs is weaker than that on the Primus or New 
> Optimus Nova.  ( The simple push in design is not up to par with the brass 
> screw in fitting of a Primus)  

The simple push in design is very reliable. A person simply has to remember to lube 
the fuel line and not tear the o-ring.

Heat out put is roughly the same as is priming 
> with no clear advantage with either stove. The main reason to buy a Primus 
> multi-fuel or Optimus Nova is it is " More reliable and durable". 

I have no doubt Primus and Optimus are good stoves so is just about any other. 
You haven't mentioned how they simmer, though. If a person is competent enough, 
reads the instructions, works with the stoves limitations and doesn't expect much  
I'm sure just about any stgove will prove to be reliable. But if a person is going to do 
more than boil water MSR stoves are the way to go. You can even bake on them. 
Soups, stews no problem. Whole grain rice. Forget that instant junk. Anything that 
requires a low heat. Sauces...

( Weak 
> plastic pumper are prone to fail.   It's like someone driving a Pinto car