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[pct-l] watermelons and stuff

> We are former scout leaders so we mean no disrespect, <snip>
> all carried a folding aluminum lounge chair strapped to their backpacks.

With 30 years of backpacking, and having gone through several Boy Scout
backpack training programs, I was a little miffed when the Girl Scouts
insisted I go on their mountain backpack so I would be fully trained.
Learning that the trip involved a total of TWO miles each day, and an
elevation change of maybe 500 feet, I strapped a beach chair on my Kelty
Sonora, fully loaded with all kinds of superfluous junk food and toys. Hey,
if I was going to lounge around camp all day, I might as well be

> carrying a two burner Coleman stove like a briefcase

We did this in high school on a backpack on San Jacinto on a President's Day
weekend. We had little clue what we were doing. We figured if we couldn't
have a fire, at least we could have heat. We took turns carrying the stove
and a gallon of Coleman fuel. I think we burned most of the fuel that

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