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[pct-l] Lucky Stove user of MSR

 I.m glad you have been happy with your MSR stove. A survey of what gear 
folks used on the AT ten years ago was given on what people used and what 
they would do different. The whiperlight was the most popular stove by 78%. 
But 50 % of those who used it said they would use something else on a rehike. 
My first pump half melted after a failed 0-ring. All 0-rings will fail at 
some point. With a metal pump, a failure won't be a problem. Second pump 
plastic threads crossthreaded and stripped. Metal threads are better. 
Simmering?? Early MSR's don't simmer unless you like to hold your pot like " 
Jiffy Pop" and raise and lower your pot as needed. The new DragonFly does a 
fair job with it's new valve. ( Older XGK and Whisperlights are On or Off 
affairs) The Connection on the MSRs is weaker than that on the Primus or New 
Optimus Nova.  ( The simple push in design is not up to par with the brass 
screw in fitting of a Primus)  Heat out put is roughly the same as is priming 
with no clear advantage with either stove. The main reason to buy a Primus 
multi-fuel or Optimus Nova is it is " More reliable and durable". ( Weak 
plastic pumper are prone to fail.   It's like someone driving a Pinto car 
with those " Expoding Gas Tanks" . Just because yours hasn't blew up yet, 
doesn't mean it can't. Same goes for the MSR pump, maybe 8 will luck out, but 
2 will not. If you are on a PCT snowshoe trip for the weekend and your stove 
goes, I hope you like cold Pop-Tarts). If your on Denali, you die. ( Unless 
you pack a second pump as most MSR climber now do!!! MSR is a weak stove in 
2002. Fact Jack