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[pct-l] Mohave it is!

Thanks to everyone who wrote me concerning my choice of Mohave over =
Tehachapi. The consensus is that Mohave is far more convenient for =
re-supply than Tehachapi, which is probably a nicer town.

Next question: is Kennedy Meadows ( the one at the beginning of the =
Sierras ) a suitable place to mail a box FROM? I'm thinking of using it =
as one of my drift box stops.=20

>From there I'd send it to a friend of mine who is meeting me at Cedar =
Grove and again at Ebbets Pass. He owns a home near Ebbets Pass, and =
he's really into hiking so I'm going to groom him to be a trail angel =
for future distance hikers.

As to bear canisters, it pains me to write that I ordered a Garcia from =
Whitney Portal Store, for $59.75, and they don't charge postage. I'll =
probably pick it up at Cedar Grove. It will easily get me to VVR, and =
from there to Tuolumne Meadows. And then again to Ebbets Pass.

Future thruhikers will have trail angel in Portland; yours truly. I'm =
less than 45 minutes from Cascade Locks. Portland is a fantastic place =
to have a feeding frenzy, some microbrews, and resupply. =20

Sorry to the class of 2002. I'll be out there with you. Very soon!

Counting Down

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