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[pct-l] Re: Melons in the Mountains

--- Paul Magnanti <pmags@yahoo.com> wrote:

>>> Wonder what it would take to carry a watermelon from
>>> Stehekin to Manning Park? ;-)
--- Ken & Marcia Powers <kdpo@pacbell.net> wrote:
>> First, you'd have to get a watermelon to Stehekin.
>> That will take a lot of arranging.
--- Paul Magnanti <pmags@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Though I meant it as a joke, the wheels are turning.
> I have a buddy meeting me in Stehekin. He'll just have
> to make a pit stop at Seattle, Watamachee (sp!?!?! Big
> time!!!) or Chelan Falls to pick up a melon. :-)

Why bother taking it to Manning Park? I am sure they have lots of watermelon
at the lodge. Just eat it in Stehekin and enjoy the last stretch to the
border--one of the most beautiful sections of any Washington state hike (See
an account of my 1995 trip at
<http://staff.washington.edu/griffin/pct.html>.) Can't believe it's been
almost seven years.

PS--The name of the town is Wenatchee.

Tom Griffin