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[pct-l] Fuel sent in resupply boxes

Linda writes:

> 71 days! Excited and also having moments of self-doubt. Hope
> that's normal.

That's normal.  Before my hike I had a ton of self-doubts compiled with all 
of my friends and family being naysayers.  Could I really do this?  Would I 
burn out? Was I prepared enough?  Am I in good enough shape?  What if I awoke 
3 months into it and said, "Ya, why the hell am I doing this?".  Would the 
jumping chollas / mosquitos / heat / thirst / snow / rain / cold / blisters / 
%&*#!!!!!!  get to me?

Forget all the doubts and fears.  Take your first step with confidence and 
don't look back (except 25 years later!).  The other several million steps 
come one at a time.

See you at the ADZ,

Greg "Strider" Hummel

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