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[pct-l] Mohave vs. Tehachapi

You're making the right decision. We resupplied at Tehachapi with
difficulty, long walks, a great trail angel listed at the PO and a good
hitch. After all of that we said that next time we would use Mojave.

Tehachapi was more appealing when we looked at both towns before hiking but
appeal changes in the eyes of a distance hiker.

Another reportedly good town stop that we bypassed Etna in N CA. Everybody
that used it in addition to Seiad Valley was well fed and happy.

Gotta hike,
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I am planning on taking a stopover in Mohave, rather than Tehachapi. From
what I can tell from the "PCT Town Guide" Mohave is more compact than
Tehachapi. The post office is only three blocks from White's Motel, which
provides pickup and drop off at the trail, some 12 miles away. And there are
plenty of restaurants within a very short walk as well.

Tehachapi, about 9.4 miles away, from what I can tell is more spread out.
The post office is a couple miles outside of town.

Lynn Weldon's PCT video was what clued me in about Tehachapi's post office
being less than convenient for those on foot.

I'd like feedback from people who have used either or both, or who live
nearby. It's been a heck of a long time since I've been to either place.
Does anyone have any experience that might influence my decision? What are
this year's thruhikers planning for a re-supply in that region?


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