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[pct-l] Fuel sent in resupply boxes


I'm a new member to your digest, but feel I know you all. I've been
obsessively reading the PCT-L digest for about 6 months and can't
believe how much you have helped me with my preparation. I am one of the
class of 2002, leaving Campo on April 26.

I just returned from the Post Office in Tarzana, CA, where the
supervisor there called another employee named Cindy, at the Santa
Clarita District Office, (661) 775-6663. What I was told was that the
rules for sending fuel by ground-only Postal have not changed since
Sept 11th. I was told to mark the outside of my resupply box with ORMD
(other regulated material), Ground Only. Please let me know if this is
not correct.

71 days! Excited and also having moments of self-doubt. Hope
that's normal.

There I did it. My first post.


"you are never given a wish, without also being given the power to
make it true"


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