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[pct-l] Mohave vs. Tehachapi

I am planning on taking a stopover in Mohave, rather than Tehachapi. =
>From what I can tell from the "PCT Town Guide" Mohave is more compact =
than Tehachapi. The post office is only three blocks from White's Motel, =
which provides pickup and drop off at the trail, some 12 miles away. And =
there are plenty of restaurants within a very short walk as well.

Tehachapi, about 9.4 miles away, from what I can tell is more spread =
out. The post office is a couple miles outside of town.

Lynn Weldon's PCT video was what clued me in about Tehachapi's post =
office being less than convenient for those on foot.

I'd like feedback from people who have used either or both, or who live =
nearby. It's been a heck of a long time since I've been to either place. =
Does anyone have any experience that might influence my decision? What =
are this year's thruhikers planning for a re-supply in that region?


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