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Melons in the Mountains WAS Re: [pct-l] Hello PCT-L

> Wonder what it would take to carry a watermelon from
> Stehekin to Manning Park? ;-)

First, you'd have to get a watermelon to Stehekin. That will take a lot of
Friends ordered See's Candy (the absolute best chocolates) online and had it
shipped UPS to celebrate half way at Burney Falls and another box shipped
UPS to Stehekin. Remember, there are no roads to Stehekin which is served
only by USPS. So the postmaster intercepted the box somewhere along the way,
held it and delivered it to me. He charged me local postage on the package
to keep things legit.
Maybe he's the guy to help you out.

Don't know how many days before I leave, but I look at snotel daily>
> Mags
> 2 mos 12 days
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