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[pct-l] Hello PCT-L

> trying out the Walrus Trekker Tarp, the Esbit stove, and the Feathered
> Friends double sleeping system (Sandpiper bag with Toucan groundsheet).  I
> would appreciate any advice from you seasoned PCT-ers...

Cory: As the pack mule in our family, I welcomed the switch to a FF sleep
system. Last summer we got a Penguin (more fill than Sandpiper)/Toucan
combo. It's fantastic! Warm and cozy, roomy enough, and less than half the
weight of the two synthetic bags I was schlepping before. (Because it was
easier to keep the bags zipped together, I got to carry both of them. At
least that's what my wife told me.)

Also the folks at FF were great: helpful and responsive. All in all, highly

one of the 1977 Kelty Kids (is that seasoned enough?)