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[pct-l] Phone on the PCT

I'm not worried about kicking the bucket. I just know better than to take
avoidable risks. I don't use the phone for 500 miniutes. On a 2 week trip
maybe 20 miniutes mostly to check in on my teenage son. Not a big deal
budgetwize to me.

My point is that satelitte phones work whereas cell phones have spotty
coverage at best. If you want to carrry on or the other, my view is to carry
one you can rely on in an emergency, whatever the weight or cost. I am sure
that not everyone agrees.


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On 12 Feb 2002 at 14:11, Reynolds, WT wrote:

> When I was young I wouldn't consider carrying a phone. After all I was
> immortal and onmipotent. These days, however, I am not so sure. 

Yes, one day everyone dies. As soon as you are born you start to die. Why
dwell on 
it? At 500 dollars for 500 minutes how do you afford the phone bill?

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