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[pct-l] Stoves compared and U.S.Forest Fees

 First , a friend got a new Primus muti-fuel stove this week and it is a 
Jem!! The Primus has a wonderful alum. pump with " Real" metal threads and 
pump handle. Compared to the Cheesy MSR stoves of today , there is no 
comparison. ( Note: older MSR XGK's and Model 9s had metal pump handle, but 
still plastic threads) Todays MSRs are great stoves, but take a second pump. 
( After reading accounts of climbers on Denali, they all bring a second pump 
with their lame MSRs) Just read a story from 1997 and a old HEAVY Optimus 
111B saved the day as it was the only stove left working after several MSRs 
broke down near the top in a tough storm. ( MSR was later dubbed " Maximum 
Service Revenue")  Now for fees on Forest service land. This is a temp. 
program that will be up in 2004. You can write your REP. and tell them they 
fees are unfair. In 1998, FS lost 135 million on timber sales. They charge 
cattlemen only 1.35 per month for a cow and calf to graze. Hard rock miners 
pay nothing, but taxpayers get to pay the clean up!! How about charging 
hunters to use the land. Many hunters would just tell the F.S. to blow off!!  
Only us enviromental types are saps enough to " Pay to Play". There are far 
more hunters than hikers around to pay fees. Forest Service sells timber at 
record loss rates so we can pay more??? ( What's up with that!!!!)  Cattle 
rob Deer of food and over graze . F.S. Is turning our public lands into 
Federal Feed Lots. Write your State Reb. and complain. Backpackers and hikers 
are so docile and make easy targets for new fees. Also our fees are 
ever-increasing while other users like miners ,timber folks and cattlemen pay 
nearly nothing. Many hikers have now left the National Parks as fee upon fee 
is required and lotto permits combined with strict overbearing rules drove 
them out. Now Forest Service with their reduced budgets see us as fair game 
in the Fee arena. ( By the way, Oregon Forest Service gets twice the money 
per acre than Washington Forest Service  gets for the budget based on ten 
year old timber harvest reports, totally unfair and we pay more fees because 
of it) Don't forget to write!!!! Monte