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[pct-l] AOL Instant Communicator

Yup, Solar Bear:

     "A Prayer,

     Dear Lord.  Please block cell phone signals to those most holy
     of your
     creations, the mountaintops.  Let those who make it to the top
     understand the deep spiritual significance of their
     achievement.  Let them communicate
     deeply with the beauty that surrounds them.  Let them meditate
     and find the
     matching beauty within. And let them realize that any other
     communication at
     such a time is unnecessary."

...And let those souls atop Mt Whitney also know thereby that their life
may not be saved on this mountaintop, by reaching the Kern County
Sheriff's Department (TTY 911 or 1-800-861-3110) to access the China
Lake Mountain Rescue Group (CLMRG) and/or the helicopter detachment at
the Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake, using other than your
desperate four-hour run down the trail and subsequent drive to the
2nd-nearest cell phone signal at the canyon exit road, first switchback
below the Whitney Portal cabin area.

Happy trails,


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