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[pct-l] Re: AOL Instant Communicator

There is a company that I saw on techtv that makes two items that 
would be of particular interest:
1.  solar cell phone batteries
2.  solar cells with 12v output that will receive a car adapter for 
many mobile devices.

the mobil communicator uses AA bateries.  My experience with the 
lithium batteries in the communicator has been great; they last about 
1 month, running 24/7.

> > I made a cell phone call from the summit of Whitney in 1996.  I 
> > >  
> > > I also didn't get a signal on Witney, or in death valley.
> If you don't want to carry a satellite phone, get a straight ANALOG 
cell phone
> if you can find a carrier that will sell you one with a straight 
> contract (they will try to talk you out of it).    
> Analog works in lots of places that PCS or other digital
> technologies don't.   Often not very well, but better than not at 
> My experience with a digital phone with an alleged analog dual mode 
was not
> very good, so I currently carry a Motorola Startac pure analog 
phone which
> has worked in a number of high places - but seldom down in deep 
> I had success on the slopes of Slate Peak (?) on the PCT 
> just north of Harts Pass
> and the summit of Telescope Peak in Death Valley - but I have 
> that summits aren't necessarily good because you can pick up too 
many cells
> (sometimes from different carriers in different states) and they 
> I pay about $1/minute for roaming and long distance.
> This is not an issue for through-hikers.   I'd be skeptical that 
any cell
> phone's rechargable batteries would last long enough, even unused, 
> to be reliable when needed... the charge just slips away.     If 
there is such
> a thing as a cell phone that runs on regular alkaline AA cells, 
that might
> work, since you could buy new ones in most places.
> Or you could carry the car adapter and a twelve volt car battery in 
> your pack is too light.
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