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[pct-l] Credit - Debit Cards

Just one more time on the Debit Card.....

I do not think all Debit Cards are created equal.  I just phoned the
bank to ask about mine.  I have a Ubank check card (debit card) with 
the Visa insignia on it. I really do use it a lot, very seldom do I
write a cheque anymore. It is definitely NOT a Credit Card, just a
Debit card.

However, here is what I was told -  If the card is stolen, lost or has 
a charge on it that is not mine, then I have to report it immediately
and they will cancel this card and I will have to apply for a new card
and number, or perhaps they meant I would be issued a new card and number.

I think unless someone at home is opening and checking your mail then 
this would be hard to do on a thru hike. So I say check your bank cards
and maybe get one that is and Debit and Credit card.

Cheers,    Marge (the old gal)