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[pct-l] I'm back... but sad...

Hi Everyone,

I've been off-list(s) and off-line for the last couple of weeks.

My father lost his yearlong battle with cancer on Friday, Feb. 1.  We had 
all gathered on the Wednesday before to be with him at home when he passed 

If you've sent me email in the last couple of weeks, I will respond.  Just 
give me a bit of time to catch up both at work and on-line.

To make this trail related...  My parents visited me three times while I was 
on the AT.  One of my favorite memories of their first visit was when I was 
doing laundry in Front Royal.  There were a whole bunch of thruhikers in the 
same laundramat at various stages of washing and drying their laundry.  I 
was engrossed in a conversation with my Mom and a number of other hikers 
when my Dad interrupted.  He wanted to let us know he would be back in a few 
minutes as he was going to run a bunch of other thruhikers back to their 
motel.  It was the first time (but not the last) that he would take the 
initiative to help out some other hikers when he could.

He'll be missed.


POB 441645,  Somerville, MA  02144

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