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[pct-l] Re: debit card?

for those who care, most states have a law that states that card 
holders can not be liable for more than a certain amount ($50 in 
Texas) as long as you:
a) prove that the charges were fraudulent and without your knowledge.


b) report the card lost or stolen within 24 hrs.

> Dave writes >> This is such BULL!  I read the cardholder agreement 
before I
> got a debit
> card and double-checked that I would not have liability for 
unauthorized use
> of my card.  <<
> Gee, I don't know Dave, but I really believe it's possible to get 
your point
> across without being insulting. 
> The rules may have changed since the early days of Debit Cards. If 
> that's fine. It seems that Ken and Paul's recent research indicates 
that to
> be true. I'll stand corrected.
> When I first got my debit card from my bank, years ago, that was 
the warning
> I received. I don't use it much and never take it on a long trip. I 
> don't care too much for credit cards anyway. 
> Still it makes sense to be sure before gallivanting out into the 
woods for a
> few months. 
> -Fallingwater
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