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[pct-l] Re: AOL Instant Communicator

FWIW, I have an AOL mobil communicator and it does not work at all 
north of redding.  I am not sure where it picks up again.  ...perhaps 
near medford.  I climbed shasta last year and had no luck north of 
redding to Shasta.  I understand that the device works on cell phone 
signals, os if you can't get a cell phone signal, you won't get AOL 

I also didn't get a signal on Witney, or in death valley.

to get an idea of where you will get a signal, get a coverage map 
from all cell phone carriers and see where the blank spots are.  You 
could probably save yourself some weight by sending it in you drift 
box most of the sierra and other remote places.

good luck!

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