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[pct-l] Re: post office

I'll second the nomination of trail angel for the postal workers. Besides
the excellent postal service they provide, many are the source of great
local information valuable to the thru hikers. Many maintain hiker boxes and
trail registers. They usually have contact with other local trail angels

We only had one bad experience with post offices in 2000. The Post Mistress
couldn't find our package, nor those of several other hikers who were in the
lobby. She looked twice, and was reluctant to look again. We the bought
postcard stamps using our MC debit card and asked for $50 back. She was
reluctant to give us money back because she wanted to save her cash for the
locals. We went to breakfast and waited for the days mail to come in. Then
we asked her to search again. She came back with packages for the other
hikers that she couldn't find before. We persisted and she finally found all
both of our packages. We boxed and mailed exposed film home and asked for
more cash. She told us she didn't think we could get another $50 back. We
persisted and she finally called her supervisor at another location. He said
if the bank said we had the money, she should give us the $50.

This is the same trail town that posted a sign in front of the grocery store
saying "No backpacks. No hikers. These benches are for the locals."

Ah, the spirit of Sierra City. The store barely had enough food to resupply
from. If you resupply there, don't expect a lot of support form the
townspeople. The locals really seem suspicious of outsiders. To bad, because
the town has a lot of potential charm.


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> << But seriously, I have not been to the post office in
> awhile. Usually pick up stamps at the market. Time for
> a visit to my friendly neighborhood PO. See what is
> new in USPS land....
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> You are going to get to know the Post Office very well and at its very
> on the PCT. I saw service that astounded me. Staying open late, after
> service and I got my package on time every time. They should be considered
> trail angels, too!