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[pct-l] whine whine whine

In a message dated 2/9/02 12:13:33 PM, reynolds@iLAN.com writes:

<< Somehow your attitude doesn't add up. Governments make rules to protect 

idiot from himself. This is to the detriment of people who know what they

are doing. This pisses you off [Me too!]. Now you want to sue the govt based

on the opinion of one employee about the weather? You hike at your own risk.

This has long been established. You think a Ranger knows more about the

weather than two weather specialists that disagree? Dream on!


Dang it, Tom, I hate it when you are right. I won't be suing the Federal 
Government any time soon - you have my word on it! And I will hike at my own 
risk and never believe a rangers weather forecast again - unless it's bad! 
Actually, the ranger wasn't making his own prediction - just iterating the 
NWS one.