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[pct-l] (Guest Post) golite gust / cascade volcanoes

In a message dated 2/8/02 1:52:56 PM, scourtway@bpa-arch.com writes:

<< I am curious as to which of the Cascades Volcanoes
are relatively easily bagged with a layover day along 
the Oregon PCT...ie: Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, 
3 Sisters or Mt. Hood....They all look pretty gnarly...

Oregon south to north;
Mcloughlin easy
Theilsen = a rock  scramble near the top. Quite easy for someone versed in 
Washington - Forget about it unless you are a technical rock climber class 5+
Three Fingered Jack- moderate rock near top class 3-4
S. Sister -easy snow slopes - ice ax nice to have for balance/ glissades
M. Sister - ditto
N. Sister - moderately steep snow traverse near top and a rotten volcanic 
plug at the top. About as lousy as "rock" gets
 Jefferson - Jefferson Park route crevasses.      Pamelia lake route -see 
north sister- but make it a 7000 ft climb as I recall, mostly off snow
  Hood - moderately steep snow near top and minimal crevasses, at least in 
early season (to July 1) easily bagged with proper respect. (At LEAST an ice 
axe and instep crampons just in case the freezing level is low.) Can be done 
solo if you have good snow experience. One of the most climbed peaks in the 
U.S -11,000 a year. There will almost certainly be a well worn trail in the 
  Now remember, I have NO idea as to YOUR experience or attitude (nervous 
nellie to macho man). Remember what that great philosopher Clint Eastwood 
once said - "A man's gotta know his limitations." And if you fail to make the 
summit, remember what that so so philosopher Arnold Schwartzennager once 
said, "I'll be back" (but say it with a smile! Don't want to be pissing off 
no mountain!)