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[pct-l] Re: debit card?

RE: [pct-l] Re: debit card?Ronald,

Sorry, wasn't meant to be personally insulting at all, just trying to =
quash a rumor that keeps on popping up...I teach a class that includes a =
credit card transaction processing and this keeps coming up over and =
over.  I think cash AND a credit card (or debit card tied to a full =
account) are both good to carry...


Dave Asprey
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  Dave writes >> This is such BULL!  I read the cardholder agreement =
before I got a debit=20
  card and double-checked that I would not have liability for =
unauthorized use of my card.  <<=20

  Gee, I don't know Dave, but I really believe it's possible to get your =
point across without being insulting.=20

  The rules may have changed since the early days of Debit Cards. If so, =
that's fine. It seems that Ken and Paul's recent research indicates that =
to be true. I'll stand corrected.

  When I first got my debit card from my bank, years ago, that was the =
warning I received. I don't use it much and never take it on a long =
trip. I frankly don't care too much for credit cards anyway.=20

  Still it makes sense to be sure before gallivanting out into the woods =
for a few months.=20


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