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[pct-l] Re: debit card?

Dave writes >> This is such BULL!  I read the cardholder agreement before I
got a debit
card and double-checked that I would not have liability for unauthorized use
of my card.  <<

Gee, I don't know Dave, but I really believe it's possible to get your point
across without being insulting. 

The rules may have changed since the early days of Debit Cards. If so,
that's fine. It seems that Ken and Paul's recent research indicates that to
be true. I'll stand corrected.

When I first got my debit card from my bank, years ago, that was the warning
I received. I don't use it much and never take it on a long trip. I frankly
don't care too much for credit cards anyway. 

Still it makes sense to be sure before gallivanting out into the woods for a
few months.