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[pct-l] Re: debit card?

This is such BULL!  I read the cardholder agreement before I got a debit
card and double-checked that I would not have liability for unauthorized use
of my card.  Nobody in their right mind would get a debit card if it meant
their account could be drained with no recourse.  On top of that, someone
DID get my debit card number and charge $1300 against my debit card at
Computer City two years ago.  I called the credit union and told them it was
an unauthorized charge.  They replaced the money in my account within 24
hours and never bothered me about it again.  If, on the other hand, it was a
forged check, I would have had a much more difficult time getting my money

This is just a myth floating around on the Internet.  Maybe some cheesy
banks do it that way, but I doubt it, since it is really using the
Mastercard/Visa clearance network.


Dave Asprey
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> If you plan to take a debit card, simply remember that there is no
> protection on your card. So if you put a bunch of money in it and someone
> steals the account number. You have no protection against them draining
> bank account.
> With a regular VISA / MasterCard you're not liable for purchases made from
> stolen cards. Plus the credit card companies track unusual purchase
> and will notify you if they think the card has been stolen. The Bank
> care. It's your money!
> Personally I leave the Debit card at home. My monies too hard made.
> -Fallingwater