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[pct-l] whine whine whine

Here's a perfect example of "rules gone bad." Once upon a time I took 20 
people to hike Paria Canyon, a beautiful 50 mile hike up a slot canyon in 
S.E. Utah. We split the party into 2 groups as required; one up stream one 
down. No beef there. 
  Now the "rules" say not to hike during flash flood season (Summer) so we 
planned our hike for April when flash floods are very rare. While staying at 
a motel in Kanab we hear conflicting weather reports. The NWS calls for 
potential scattered light showers mid week and then clearing. The Weather 
Channel calls for widespread rain mid week. This, of course, causes concern ( 
logs are jammed in the 15 ft. slot canyon 40 feet up) So we stop at the local 
ranger station and the friendly ranger agrees with the NWS. So off we go
  To make a long story short, the Weather Channel is right, the NWS wrong, 
and we nearly die. If someone HAD died how far do you think a civil law suit 
against the Government for a bum forecast would have gone. If we needed a 
rescue, those same Government officals would have been howling about the 
expense of the rescue that we, who relied on THEIR information, should be 
paying. (For some reason fishermen who know the risks of going into the 
Bering Sea never have to pay for THEIR rescues when their boats flip over - 
see "The Perfect Storm.")
    It rained and then snowed so hard that most of us got all our gear 
soaked. (The snow instead of rain saved our butts. If it had rained we would 
have drowned for certain.) An illegal campfire underv an overhang saved us 
from hypothermia, but you can bet the farm that if some unsympathetic "Hot 
Lips" ranger had wandered by we would have been cited with the admonition 
that we should have been better prepared and that shivering would teach us a 
lesson that we would never forget. (This actually happened to me at another 
time and place when I started a fire to warm up a wet shivering companion) 
The lesson boys an girls is to never take unnecessary risks. Just stay home 
and watch the Olympics instead
 P.S. The "rules" say never hike alone. Anyone out there guilty of this one? 
Better get your act together or before you know it it will be  Code 15633.675 
section D line 4. Think not? Think mandatory seat belts. ( You really SHOULD 
wear them)
  P.P.S. I agree that 90% + of rangers are okay people
   Gotta run now for my scheduled lobotomy (oops not for, from)
  And Tom , thanks for the bail offer!!