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[pct-l] Those pesky old bears

I first met George, the ranger in the post below, on Compuserve back in
1989, and finally met him on the trail in 1998 below Dusy Basin. He's been
doing this a while, and also skis into the Sierra in the winter for snow
measurements. He has more experience back there than most of us.

George, like all the other rangers I've met, would much rather be a
naturalist than a cop. Remember that we outnumber them, and they don't know
who's the idiot who should have never gone into the backcountry to begin
with, so have to assume we could be him. Be cool and they'll be cool too.
Even that %(* *(^*^$%^ on the Whitney Trail last year who interrogated me
for 20 minutes, thinking I was scamming the permit system, as she KNEW there
was no way I could have hiked from Trail Pass in 3 days carrying only my
little G4 daypack.


> > Here is a comment posted by a ranger from Kings Canyon-Sequoia about
their regulations.
> >
> >
> >
> > He says thruhikers are exempt there, but must use bear boxes between
Forrester Pass and Pinchot Pass. And there are plenty of boxes in that area.
The problem is also bad around Dusy Basin, so I just won't stay anywhere
around that area. I'd really like to hear from some rangers from Yosemite
and Inyo National Forrest about what they really are planning to do in 2002
about thruhikers or long distance hikers who do not have canisters.

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