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[pct-l] McMurphy v.s. Ratched


Ok......but remember what happened to McMurphy.

Take Care...I'll bail you out.....If it ain't too much



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Tom - sorry but I just saw "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" again. It's my 
favorite movie. I identify strongly with McMurphy, and consider by the rules

people to all be variations of Nurse Ratched (or Hot Lips in M.A.S.H.) I've 
also noticed that by the rules people have a lousy success rate when it
to mountaineering. When the rules don't work, they don't have a clue as to 
what to do. And they are flabbergasted when they get in trouble even though 
they followed all the "rules." My mountaineering philosophy is "no rules, 
just decisions." Guess my only cure is a lobotomy. Till then, I'll take
that MOST people seem to sympathize with McMurphy instead of Nurse Ratched. 
Guess that's why it won Best Picture in 1975. God how I love that World 
Series fantasy scene where McMurphy nails that b---- to the wall! Best
I've ever seen
   I sympathize with administrators who want what is best for the bears. 
After all, the wilderness is their home, not mine. I just disagree that 
simply promulgating a new set of rules will solve the problem. As I've said 
before, canisters do absolutely nothing to deter a bear from entering my
when he smells the food in it. And he WILL smell the food in it. And he WILL

enter my camp if he realizes he has nothing to fear but fear itself.
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