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[pct-l] (Guest Post) golite gust / cascade volcanoes

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greetings folks.

Couldn't help but chime in on this one...
I recently purchased a golite gust.  Though
I havn't used it in the field yet, I have
taken it on after work "backpack trips"
(in the dark on abandoned streets of course)
and I am very pleased with its performance.
when used in the traditional frameless config.
with your ground pad forming the frame, the pack
hugs very well against the back, is comfy, and I've 
found the hip belt to be just right.  I feel 
liberated with only 2 pockets to deal with as well.

I am curious as to which of the Cascades Volcanoes
are relatively easily bagged with a layover day along 
the Oregon PCT...ie: Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, 
3 Sisters or Mt. Hood....They all look pretty gnarly...

here's a good link to a summary page: