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[pct-l] travelers checks - Debit Cards - Cautionary Note

--- Ronald Moak <ronm@fallingwater.com> wrote:
> If you plan to take a debit card, simply remember
> that there is no > protection on your card. So if 


Thanks for the info

. I just off the phone with my bank (Wells Fargo).
Apparently, Wells Fargo has protection similar to an
actual credit card. If a fraudelent purchase was made
with my Visa Debit Card, the money would be reimbursed
to my checking account. Also, if my card was lost, and
I canceled it, I would not be responsible for the
purchases made.

Again, this is not a 'straight' debit card, it also
functions as a Visa. So the protection may be a bit
better than a regular debit card.

Just more information in any case.

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