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[pct-l] travelers checks - Debit Cards - Cautionary Note

 If you plan to take a debit card, simply remember that there is no
> protection on your card. So if you put a bunch of money in it and someone
> steals the account number. You have no protection against them draining
> bank account.

Our ATM debit card (not a prepaid money card) requires a PIN or a signature
like a credit card and we used either of these two methods to get money.
I'll ask my credit union about loss protection. I also carried a prepaid
phone card's numbers ( no sense in carrying the card itself) and you're
right that if someone got the numbers it would be my loss up to the $20 that
I carried on it. I could add more minutes, but not from a pay phone (use a
motel or store's phone) by charging my VISA.
> With a regular VISA / MasterCard you're not liable for purchases made from
> stolen cards. Plus the credit card companies track unusual purchase
> and will notify you if they think the card has been stolen. The Bank
> care. It's your money!
> Personally I leave the Debit card at home. My monies too hard made.
> -Fallingwater
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