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[pct-l] Pink Motel

I'm a dope.  I asked last year for the names and address of the owners of the 
Pink Motel so that I could invite them to the ADZ gathering this year.  I 
guess I lost the info, so . . . 

Can anyone, pppllleeeaassee, provide the names and email or snail-mail 
address of the kind owners of the Pink Motel so that they may be invited.

I have invited Peggy from VVR.  Saufley's have come to the past two and I 
expect will attend this years.  Meadow Ed, "Pat and Paul's Oasis", etc. will 
likely attend.

Anyone else that should - could be invited to the ADZ that can contribute 
trail info, be recognized as a trail angel, etc.?

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel