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[pct-l] Bear-resistant canister requirements (was Cannisters & bugs)

Warning: Those on Prozac and others who abhor confrontation please delete 
this post.
    On canisters: You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. 
Where there's a will (to NOT comply) there's a way. Try a $20 bribe or a fake 
I.D. Hey, just look at illegal immigration, the drug war and speeding. And 
before you condemn me, do you ever break the speed limit, especially the 20 
mph in a school zone? NOBODY gets a ticket for going 22, but you ARE breaking 
the law and could potentially run over junior and live a life wracked with 
guilt. Nothing compared to making a good bear go bad. So when y'all comply 
with THAT law feel free to condemn me for keeping my food in my tent. You 
know, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. (Gee I'm 
beginning to sound like Dubya - ever notice that he only speaks cliches?)
  Think about it: You must have a canister but it's perfectly 
okay(enforcement- wise)  to not keep all your food in it. Might as well be 
required to carry a 5 pound rock. Outlawing stealth camping by the control 
freaks will be next ALA Europe.  They'll justify it with a "potential damage 
to the resource" schtick. Then cell phones will be required (even though they 
won't work) and rescue insurance and anything else their bored bureaucratic 
minds can come up with to try and make you feel like a criminal for not 
complying with their whimsical, capricious "laws"