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[pct-l] Packs

In a message dated 2/7/2002 9:37:07 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
tvickers@conroe.isd.tenet.edu writes:

> I am hoping to test drive on of teh Golite packs soon ;)
> I would tend towards the land because I like the mesh outer pockets.

Two lightweight packs you may want to consider are made by UltraLight 
Adventures Equipment in Logan, Utah.  Brian Frankle, one of the owners, 
thru-hiked the PCT in '99.  Nice guy. These packs are custom ordered to fit 
and allow you to choose your own options.  I'm waiting on the P-2, which has 
a removable suspension similar to the Kelty Flight and will let you know what 
I think, when I receive it later this month.  The P-1 is being field tested 
on the BackpackGearTest and so far has very good reviews.

 <A HREF="http://www.ula-equipment.com/pages/products/packs/packs.htm";>Ultralight Adventure Equipment -</A> 


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