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[pct-l] travelers checks

We didn't use them. Some places like Pines Motel in Wrightwood was cash
only, $30 in 2000. I think we carried $200 between the two of us, one Visa
and one ATM. The best place to get money is most Post Offices that will give
you $50 cash back on your ATM. That was our main source of funds and about
the amount we carried. Castella PO didn't have much cash. We set up
automatic payment from our checking to our VISA in advance, but didn't use
VISA much. Lots of places are glad to run a tab and have you pay at the end.
We checked the tab but never had a problem. Be sure to count your change at
all the little grocery stores, though.
> do most stores in resupply towns take travelers checks? 

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