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[pct-l] Packs

Ok, so I know that the issue of packs has probably been beaten to death in
the past...but here we go again anyway :)

In getting ready for my thru hike this summer, I've done some pretty
substantial weight reduction in my load - outside of my pack, my base weight
is down to the 12 pound range or so...I've been  planning on using my Dana
Designs Glacier pack - 5 lbs or so, and am starting to think it's over

I'm looking around at other possible bags and am considering the following -
I'd love to hear from anyone who has tried them and good or bad results
you've had...

GoLite - Gust, Land, Earth...all three look pretty interesting...

Mountainsmith - Auspex, Ghost

Equinox - Pound Plus - just saw this pack online today...looks intriguing...

Any feedback gratefully appreciated...




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Production Manager
STOMP - San Francisco
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