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[pct-l] Books

The subject of books comes up pretty often on the list. It's true that =
Amazon and Barnes and Noble have a very large inventory at discount =
prices, but I'd like to suggest a place that is in most cases even =

Your local library. The books are free. You just have to bring them back =
when you're done. If you want to read a book a gain later, you can check =
it out again.

Ok, I live in a fairly large city, Portland, OR, so the library's =
collection is quite extensive. That may not work as well for =
small-towners, but it's worth a shot.

I haven't seen a book on this list in the last four or five months that =
I couldn't find at the library. My local library even has several of =
Lynn Weldon's videos. And the McVeigh's PCT video too.

Nothing wrong with saving a buck, right? I'll spend it on pop tarts and =
snickers along the trail.

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