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[pct-l] Cannisters & bugs

"Ignorant Tom" writes:

> When you leave Agnew Meadow, take the High
> Trail [the actual PCT]. Understand that this is totally ugly compared to 
> the
> John Muir 

The High Trail is actually and arguably the most scenic of the three trails 
up the upper San Joaquin River valley from the Red's Meadow - Agnew Meadow 
area.  It is anything but ugly.  It is hard, as you climb most of the 
elevation right out of Agnew Meadows in a series of switchbacks up the ridge 
to the east of the river.  However, once in this vantage point the views into 
the Minaretts - Ritter Range are unparalleled.  This is best hiked early in 
the day with the sun behind you.  Later in the day the sun will be in your 
face over the Minaretts.  Granted it does not have the cascades of the San 
Joaquin River to entertain you as the River Trail does, however, water is 
relatively plentiful from springs above the High Trail that flow nearly year 
round, including one issuing from the rocks right in the middle of the trail.

Tom, I'm not sure that the list understands that our jests at each other are 
in fun. 

List, in case you don't understand, please know that Tom and I are friends.  
How else could we insult each other so deeply without it coming to violence?  
I can't refute or defend anything he says about me, it's all true!

Having said that, Tom doesn't even hike on the PCT, is a loud mouthed, 
egotistical, over opinionated, dirty, low-down computer nerd and gear-geek 
without a clue about long distance hiking.  ;-)

Brick, forget the "cool the flame war" email.  I'm not even warm under my 

Greg "Strider" Hummel

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