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[pct-l] crossing the border

There is a border patrol office in Campo.  Might want to try INS offices
in San Diego or LA first

Andrew West
On Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Kelley Douglas wrote:

> Hey there, does anyone know if there is an actual immigration office at the point of the border where we start the PCT?   An office where a foreigner hoping to hike the PCT can either renew or extend his travel visa?  He has a ten year visa but his current permit lasts only until July, and then he is supposed to leave the country, even if only for a day, and then he can return.  We want to make sure his permit extends through September so he doesn't run into any trouble while hiking the trail.  We are hoping to extend the permit through a lawyer before we begin...but if all else fails...maybe we can do it at the border...at Campo.  If anyone knows anything about this we would appreciate the feedback....(we don't want to be forced to go to Tijuana, drink their margaritas, and have our packs stolen!!)  Kelley Douglas
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