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[pct-l] Cannisters & bugs

When it comes to bear canisters there is the "thruhiker season" and the
"normal season". The risks and the regulations are different. 

The great bulk of Sierra hikers don't get started until July. By then the
bears are hunting "camper" food with great efficiency. There have been
several incidents of people getting hurt due to keeping food in the tent or
using it as a pillow. Additionally, the Rangers are out in force and handing
out tickets if you don't have your trusty canister. They are required in
Yosemite and in large parts of INYO National Forest and King Canyon.

The "thruhiker" season is well before the "normal season". Neither the bears
nor the Rangers are as active. 

The regulations are somewhat murkey. My understanding [not guaranteed,
subject to change] is:

1-Thruhikers must use bear boxs between Forrester Pass and Woods Creek in
Kings Canyon National Park. If a thruhiker tries to resupply over Kearsarge
Pass he better have a bear canister. They are "assholes" [self-proclaimed]
in this area because they have had lots of bear trouble. North of Woods
Creek there are pleanty of bears but if you stealth camp the risks are low. 

2-As you approach Mammoth [Red's Meadow] you enter a "canister zone". IF/HOW
this affects "thruhikers" I have no clue. My guess is that because you did
not get your permit in their jurisdiction they MIGHT give you a break.
However, the regulations set June 1 as the start date. Be warned! This
"canister zone" extends to Yosemite NP. My ADVICE TO THRUHIKERS IS THAT THE
bears and Rangers. 

3-Yosemite NP also requires canisters. I have not heard of any exceptions
for thruhikers. 

My View:
I only hike in "normal season". I DO NOT thruhike. In normal season I always
carry a canister because I think the extra 1#12oz worth it to avoid the
hassel of bears and rangers. Most thruhikers report that the have no trouble
with either bears or Rangers as long as they are not delayed and are north
of Tolumne by July 1. 


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I've been lurking for about 3 weeks here, and finally feel promptecd to

I am Bob (how generic). I hiked the PCT in '97 with my daughter "Bug".  We
left Campo on April 20 gettting us out of Kennedy Meadows on June 7.  In the
south it was the little gnats in the oaks that drove me nuts, I don't
remember the mosquitos until we got to Tuolumne Meadows. From there on they
were pretty nasty until it dried out near Lassen.

In the Sierras we only were concerned about our food at the two camps we
stayed at that were established camps- then there were bear boxes.  For the
rest of our camps we camped high, ate dinner an hour or two before camp, and
kept the food in the tent.  We never saw a bear until in the Siskiyous.  All
the folks I know of that saw bears saw them in the established camp areas.
I can't possibly imagine hauling the weight of a bear canister.

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