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[pct-l] Guide Book Updates

Thanks for all the latest Ben!

> They will have 99.9% of what you need (or if they don't, I sure hope
> you'll tell us, rather than grumbling... we're doing this for you!)

In anticipation of our 25-year reunion, I've been rereading my journals from
1977. Man, did we do a lot of grumbling then! Lots of derogatory remarks
about the woeful first edition. But at the same time, we kept in contact
with Tom Winnett throughout our trip and a lot of our feedback was
incorporated in subsequent editions.

> 3. Pester WP for copies of the galleys as they become available, so
> you don't have to cut-and-paste these updates into your book.

The landmark 1977 edition--the one that established the map and page layout
that continues today--was on a similar schedule to the 2002 edition. It was
supposed to be out before thru-hiking season began (late March back
then)...but I think it finally made it into stores in late summer. WP
graciously sent us page proofs at a few stops along the way. In the olden
days, however, the page proofs were photocopies of the pasteup boards, which
had rubylith rectangles where the maps were going to go. Although we had the
benefit of the new, greatly improved text, we didn't get to see the maps
until after we finished. The maps in the first edition were awful!! (Awful
tiny. Awful inaccurate. Awful reproduction. Awful organization.)

Okay, enough reminiscing. I just wanted to thank Ben, Jeff, Tom, and the
others at Wilderness Press who have kept us (more or less) on the right path
all these years!

:: Carl Siechert
:: We're looking for 1977 PCT Hikers
:: http://pct77.org/reunion