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[pct-l] Vermillion Valley Resort

I just saw this on rec.backcountry newsgroup. I thought this group would be interested.


Peggy Wiggs recently announced that she and her daughters, Jessica and Mary
Ann, would retain ownership of Vermilion Valley Resort at Edison Lake.  She
noted after her husband and partner "Butch", passed during the winter, the
idea of managing the facility without him was extremely difficult.  However,
though the 2001 season was very stressful, it was also very successful.  She
realized the legendary hospitality status, fostered by her late husband, was
important to continue and she feels the Wiggs family and the VVR staff need
to carry on that tradition.

She also mentioned some changes that will take place, including the building
of a new shower and laundry facility, expansion of the tent cabins and motel
units, and the installation of a broadband satellite system.  The latter
will allow visitors to receive and send emails during their journey as well
as facilitate the resort reservation system.

Meanwhile, the Wiggs family wishes to thank you for your support and looks
forward to your visit in this season and in seasons to come.  Be sure to
visit them at www.edisonlake.com!

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