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[pct-l] 4th ADZPCTKO

Here's an update on the 4th ADZ gathering:

Carl Siechert, the Kelty Kids, 1977, has volunteered to create an ADZ 
website.  This site will provide three primary functions:
1. General info
2. Attendance Register (so we can plan on how many are likely to attend)
3. Transportation Bulletin Board "Rides Needed" vs "Rides Offered"

Look for more info on this website to be posted here soon.  

Jason Cramer has volunteered to organize and host the 2nd Annual Great 
Pacific Long Distance Hiking Gear and Invention Revue (AGPLDHG&IR).   He will 
be posting rules and prize categories soon to the list.  Please consider 
donating a prize for one of the categories.

Thank you, Carl and Jason, for stepping forward to ensure the continuing 
existence and thriving of the ADZPCTKO.

The rest of this message is information that I have already posted to the 

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel

The 4th ADZPCTKO will be held at Lake Morena County Park, along the PCT just 
20 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border on April 27th this year.  The Annual 

Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off, ADZPCTKO, is a low key gathering of 
present section and thru-hikers, past thru-hikers, ancient thru-hikers, trail 

angels, supporters and future section and thru-aspiring hikers.  Dinner will 
be served to all on Saturday night, however, people seem to begin gathering 
on the Friday before and may be accomodated as funds allow.

The 2nd Annual Great Pacific Long Distance Hiking Gadget and Invention Revue, 

"AGPLDHG&IR", will be held immediately following dinner on Saturday and 
prizes will be given for the truely creative, innovative and rediculous.  
This event has evolved into a fun, light-hearted, celebration of ultra-light 
mania, brilliant creativeness and the phenomenally functional.  Turn your 
charisma on and try to best "Lightning Bolt's" great "Southern Salesman" 
pitch of last year's event. 

Additionally, this year features a one time event the likes of has never been 

seen at any of the previous ADZPCTKO gatherings:  "Mad Monte" Dodge will 
attempt to open a bear canister, packed by "The Rogue" Tom Reynolds, without 
using any utensils or intelligence greater than that which a bear would 
likely employ (or Monte, whichever, is more . . . the bear?).

If you think that this sounds just a bit too sensational and commercial of an 

event to start your emersion into a huge wilderness experience, consider that 

the primary focus of the gathering is to help shed those butterflies that 
inevitably preceed such an experience by showing you the broad spectrum of 
strategies that have been successful in the past and those of your fellow 
2002'ers.  Additionally, it provides a low key gathering in which you can 
begin the friendships that inevitably evolve from such a journey.

Lake Morena Campground sites 62 and 63 have been reserved for Thursday night, 
April 25th for any early arrivals, including me by current plans.

Sites 59 through 63, 66 through 69 and 72 are reserved for Friday and 
Saturday nights.  These sites are on the northeast portion of the campground 
and immediately adjacent to the backpacker's sites; 64 and 65 (for walk ins 
only) and the PCT, of course.

These sites are reserved specifically for the ADZPCTKO and for all 
participants, organizers, hikers and supporters, whether known to be 
attending or not (that means you, lurkers!).  When you reach the campground 
by car tell the rangers at the campground gate that you are with the "PCT 
Group" or "ADZPCT Group" or just give my name: Greg Hummel.  Then follow the 
road around to these sites and find a parking space in one of them.  The 
rangers have allowed us to have up to four cars parked per site, however, two 

is the norm, so try to fill up the sites that don't have two per first before 

loading in up with three or four.  Site 61 (or 62, I don't recall.  Bob Reiss 

do you remember?) is reserved specifically for Bob Reiss's RV which acts as 
food central.  You can park behind him and next to him but don't take the 
spot if his RV isn't there yet.

If you desire (for some unknown reason, these ten sites should handle almost 
everyone) to reserve additional sites and wish to be near the above sites, I 
suggest sites 73, 77 and 79.  Call San Diego County for reservations at:  
(858) 565-3600.

If you walk in on foot, just find the sites listed and pitch your tent, tarp 
or ground cloth in one of them.

What can you do to help?  We, the organizers of the past ADZPCTKO's and this 
years, seek to help preserve the PCT and support those that aspire to explore 

its path.  Some of us have thru-hiked, some section hiked, some seek to thru 
or section hike in the future, however, all seek to give back some of the 
magic that they have received from others while on, or associated with, the 
PCT.  If you feel the same desire to give something back, please consider to:
- Volunteer to help with: transportation, food, water stashing, etc.
- Contribute resources: food, water, drinks, prizes for the gear contest, 
- Help to cover expenses: for yourself, for yourself and unspecified 2002 
hikers and/or for the operation of the ADZ.  How much?  Last year's costs 
worked out to about $15 per person.  However, at least half of the attendees 
last year were current year hikers and therefore, forbidden to contribute.  
So, please adopt a thru-hiker by paying for yourself and another.  NOTE:  If 
your funds are tight, consider contributing something other than money, as in 
the above listed needs.

If you wish to contribute funds to help with this year's ADZPCTKO please send 

them to:

Greg Hummel
23239 Ironhorse Canyon Rd.
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Please indicate that they are for the ADZ.  No funds are sought from nor will 

be accepted from 2002 hikers.  This event is for you.

Last year it was suggested that any extra funds generated be donated to the 
PCTA.  It turned out that after all expenses (and turning down a considerable 

number of offers at the ADZ to contribute) we turned out just about even.  

TURNED DOWN OTHERS!  We did it!  This will ensure the long term existence of 
the ADZ.  I am suggesting that any extra this year be given to the PCTA (and, 
therefore, wont be turning down so many offers at the ADZ).

Suggested strategies for 2002 hikers to enjoy the services and events of the 

- Coordinate ASAP with those offering transportation from points to the 
border or Lake Morena.
- Start, at the border, on Thursday, April 25th and take two or three days to 

hike to Lake Morena, or;
- Get to Lake Morena Thursday night or very early Friday morning and slack 
pack from the border back to Lake Morena in one or two days (transportation 
from Lake Morena to the border will be provided on Friday, Saturday and 
Sunday mornings), or;
- Get to Lake Morena Friday night and, on Saturday, slack pack from the 
border back to Lake Morena in time for the ADZ events.  These will start 
around 4:30 or so on Saturday (so you better be in shape to hike the ~20 
miles from the border to Lake Morena in about 10 hours or less), or;
- Get to Lake Morena on Friday or Saturday, enjoy the events, and start at 
the border on Sunday morning, April 28th.  

If you recently hiked the PCT, either thru or a section or two, and haven't 
been to an ADZPCTKO, you are missing the opportunity to give back a little 
bit to those that aspire in 2002.  Let's see which year of hikers can boast 
the most attendance to this year's gathering!  I'll bet it is 1977!

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