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[pct-l] Bear Resistant Cannisters

Jim - if you just sleep with your food and don't use a cannister, 
then you dont have to worry about capacity.  As long as you make the 
bear think that you are willing to fight for the food, he will think 
twice about going for your food because he will likely think that it 
would be easier to get food from someone that wouldn't put up a fight 
(based on the bear's experience, most people will just abandon their 
food so that they bear is free to take it).

disclaimer: take this advice as opinion.  wild animals are 
unpredictable. hike at your own risk.


> Howdy Folks!
> I am trying to find bear resistant cannisters.  The Garcia Machine 
> not an option, as I need MUCH more carrying capacity.  Does anyone 
> if Gio Enterprises, the manufacturer of "The Bear Can" is still in
> operation?  How about the makers of the "Bearikade?"  Their web 
site is
> not working, and I don't have a telphone number for them.
> Has anyone used these products?  What do you think?  Which one do 
> prefer?  (I am not worried about the money issue as much as I am the
> ease of use and "stability" of the product.)
> Thanks for any input!
> Jim McCrain
> jim@mccrain.net
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