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[pct-l] RE: Resupply - Agua Dulce

Ken -

  Thanks for the feedback on the Agua Dulce drop.  I'll try contacting the
Donna & Jeff again in a couple of weeks.  I've read your webpages regarding
this stop and it sounds heaven sent!  We'll keep our fingers crossed that
they'll be as magnanamous this year.

  It looks like you guys had a great trip in 2000.

  Any new plans for a long hike?

  We are getting excited about our upcoming adventure.

-Scott & Rachel

The Saufley's is one of the great stops on the PCT. I highly recommend it.
See our web page on Agua Dulce: http://home.pacbell.net/kdpo/agua_dulce.htm
I really think Donna is just away from home right now. I think the PCT list
would explode with messages if the Saufleys were not offering to take in
hikers this year.