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[pct-l] Resupply - Agua Dulce

The Saufley's is one of the great stops on the PCT. I highly recommend it.
See our web page on Agua Dulce: http://home.pacbell.net/kdpo/agua_dulce.htm
I really think Donna is just away from home right now. I think the PCT list
would explode with messages if the Saufleys were not offering to take in
hikers this year.

We thru hiked in 2000 and the PO was in the grocery store at that time. We
were concerned about barging in at a private residence. Then we found the
invitation from Donna and Jeff in the PCT register. They wanted to have 100%
of the PCT hikers stay at their home. The grocery clerk recognized us as PCT
thru hikers and called for our ride without us asking. Donna arrived in her
Jeep to take several of us to their home. There were already several hikers
there, and lots more came in later in the day. I think there were over 20
hikers that night.

Donna did all our laundry. All the hikers wore T-shirts from Jeff's
Electrical company while our clothes were in the washer. We dubbed her
"Saint Donna, Our Lady of the Laundry." We had the run of her mobile home -
kitchen, showers, TV, internet connection, beds, ...

I am not sure how everything works since the store closed, but I am sure it
is still a great stop.

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> Hello -
> Let me introduce myself. My name is Scott.  My wife, Rachel, and I will be
> thru-hiking this year and we've been reading these posts with interest
> the past couple of weeks, gleaning bits of info here and there.  Thank you
> for your experiences and words.
> We are in the planning stages and working on resupply.  We have picked
> of our resupply locations, but Agua Dulce remains a bit of an enigma.  The
> 2001 update to the "PCT Town Guide", lists "The Saufley's" as the viable
> drop (the P.O. closed, Century 21 office doesn't hold packages and the
> grocery store is closed).  However, email to the Saufley's using the
> supplied email address has gone unanswered.  Does anyone have information
> this drop (i.e. - phone number?, private residence?, experiences last
> or any suggestions for another resupply option in Agua Dulce?
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Also thanks to SnoLepard for your Cedar Grove suggestion.  Based on the
> you and Marion provided, we are electing to use this as our mid-Sierra
> resupply option.
> -Scott
> PS - We're building a website for our family and friends to tag along on
> little adventure.  We welcome you to have a peek: (keeping in mind that it
> is a work in progress)  http://www.geocities.com/pct_hike
> We are looking forward to meeting some of you on the trail.
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